Leeds castle

Our first outing as Tudor ladies, meeting Good King Hal for the first time.


The setting was lovely, weather a bit tempremental, Good King Hal made us most wecome, it was great to be involved with the jousting tournament.


Day One: Our arrival at Leeds Castle

After a long drive to sunny Kent, we arrived at the castle in good time. it was to be our first outing in our new gowns and as we had only contacted Good King Hal via e-mail we nervously awaited his arrival to meet him for the first time, I think he was a little surprised by the effort we had made in our authentic attire, the three of us looked brilliant and were made to feel really special by all whom we met. The day soon ended after attending the joust and a lot of photo calls, tired but happy we set of for home excited in the knowlege of the new friend we had made.

Photo gallery: the prettiest pictures